Jaana Woodbury


Jaana is the co-founder and chief executive officer of The Rooted Company. Her passion for helping others is fueled by her own journey of wellness. Jaana is the creative force and visionary behind The Rooted Company and brings extensive knowledge in marketing. Jaana’s efforts are driven by integrity and transparency, much of what The Rooted Company is founded on.

Amanda Bailey


Amanda is the co-founder and chief operating officer of The Rooted Company. Amanda believes whole-heartedly in what The Rooted Company stands for and is passionate about finding holistic alternatives for anyone seeking to add or replace products into their wellness regimen. Amanda strives to ensure a seamless operation of quality products from farm to home.

Our Letter to You

To the earthy and soulful, 

We want what you want! Clean and ethically sourced products that are natural, safe, and invite us to get back to our roots, nature. 

The holistic market has become “trendy” and although it’s positive that natural remedies and supplements are being acknowledged, we feel called to educate and provide research driven products that are quality and embody integrity.

There was a time before, when we (two good friends) were both going through physically and emotionally challenging times. Jaana, had a family member that was was suddenly diagnosed with brain cancer whose health was rapidly deteriorating. Amanda, was experiencing chronic anxiety that was not only overwhelming, but paralyzing in her daily life. 

After feeling discouraged and misled by “big pharma”, we simultaneously started looking for a better way, A NATURAL WAY. As we continued our own research, we quickly realized that not only have we had the answers all along in our roots, but that the alternative paths discovered were fostering a sense of relief from cancer related symptoms as well as, supporting to emotional and mental well-being.

After doing extensive studies for solutions, one of the many offerings from earth we kept coming across was cannabidiol (CBD).

We decided to truly investigate and further research cannabidiol (CBD)- how it’s extracted from cannabis, to gathering an intimate understanding of the MANY compounds in cannabis, to learning how it naturally interacts with our body’s Endocannabinoid system (ECS). (We had no idea our bodies already had cannabinoids)! 

We have made a commitment to not only break the stigma associated with CBD, but to provide CLEAN broad spectrum CBD that can legally be sold in all 50 states, that has 0% THC BUT the several terpenes sourced back into it that isolate doesn’t offer. We are also committed to provide products and education surrounding several plant medicine remedies. We have chosen to be transparent about HOW we source our herbs and educate on the “why” it can make a difference in anyone’s day to day life. 

Very simply, we choose to state facts backed by science and rooted in nature. Through our journey, we started to attract like-minded individuals that had similar stories and now, more than ever, we feel empowered to abundantly share the message!

The NATURAL way, is the BEST way.

Stay Rooted,
Jaana & Amanda
Rooted Co.

Tina F.
I can't start my day without Rooted CBD in my coffee! It's my new routine!
Brittanie C.
I legit felt happy, clear and not anxious! I had zero anxiety today which was very unusual for me! Miracles I SWEAR!!!
Daria W.
I'll admit I was skeptical but WOW! Tried Rooted's CBD yesterday and my anxiety was gone in 30 minutes. I felt grounded and calm all day. The best part is I fell asleep easily (rare) and slept for 10 hours! Today I feel wide awake and refreshed! I am a believer!
Rochelle and Elena (2)
We LOVE the new Hybrid Lavender Essential Oil by The Rooted Co.! I’m sensitive to strong scents, and the luxurious lavandin is gentle enough for me to comfortably use topically without blending. I love it as a natural “perfume” or added to a bath, and my daughter loves when I let her in on the fun with a bit on the bottom of her feet. My favorite part is knowing that I’m buying from an honest company that cares so much about the products they are making. Thank you Rooted Co.!