What is nano-emulsion water soluble CBD?

By Rooted_Admin | Comments: 0 | June 26, 2019

To understand nano-emulsion, you need to understand what a nanometer is. A nanometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth of a meter (basically really, really small). Nano-emulsion is a process that safely breaks down the compounds of CBD into smaller particles so that bioavailability (absorption) can increase significantly. Nano-emulsified CBD rapidly absorbs 80-90% of every dose into the bloodstream compared to only 35% of others. Beyond that, in this process it effectively renders the CBD water soluble, meaning it can actually be mixed with beverages (side note: oil doesn’t mix with water).

This is science! Most of the cells in your body are ONLY capable of absorbing 60-80 nanometers in size. Most commercial CBD hemp oil is 2000 nanometers, so how is your body supposed to absorb this? It doesn’t. It is physically impossible for you to absorb CBD oil at a cellular level. Instead, when you ingest it your body has to DIGEST it through the digestive system, then the liver has to break it down (first pass metabolism), THEN it can be absorbed through the bloodstream, or what’s left can be absorbed.

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